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Among several reasons of drop out school some are unavoidable such as 1. A parent dies, 2. Poverty, 3.The importance of girls education is still not being understood, 4. A trouble at home, 5. A child is ill etc. When any child fails to acquire the basic skills needed to function as a productive, responsible member of society, Society as a whole – not to mention the individual child loses.

There is also a vicious circle in society such as; because of poverty, people are unable to send their children to school so their children remain illiterate, Further because children remain illiterate they have to remain poor and the vicious circle goes on.

Thaili will identify the problem of drop out and take initiation to get them back to school and make responsible citizens.  The adverse effects of poverty on school dropout can be mitigated helping them effectively that would mean reducing the poverty level of families helping them with income generating programs.

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Mar 14, 2016

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