Cultural Value of Thaili

Thaili (Medium Pouch) is a traditional design handmade which is used for keeping money. It's known as typical Nepali Women Purse from ancient time which has a drawstring so thing stay put. Drawstrings are color coded for secure open and close. Pouch is fully lined. Typical Nepali Women used to store money, coins, jewellery etc. on their Thaili.

This Thaili is made of the fabric of Nepal which is made from Charkhas, Taans- the spinning wheel and weaving loom. Cloth Woven from hand spun thread, which is trun is sourced from cotton grown locally is our gift to you and with this Thaili you can start charity from home. If you wonder how? Here is the answer , you  can drop one coin every day in this Thaili and can help one child for their education. Your contributions start when you open this Thaili and secure it with a coin. And you can even gifted Thaili to your loved ones as a token of love to share being one more miracle for the world.

A coin a day you saved in this Thaili can secure future of the child who you haven't seen yet but could be the one who may never get this miracle if you don't start saving a coin every day. This Thaili will create a magic itself the day you had it with you.

Let's Make the difference in this world together and let's spread Love.

" Open Thaili put coin and close the happiness inside. "

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