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Thaili is an autonomous nonprofit humanitarian aid organizations established entirely for the noble cause of education of children and empowerment for single women. Preliminary study report of Child NGO Federation of Nepal (CNFN ) shows that after earthquake more than 30 % of students drop out school comparatively before earthquake at Sindhupalcowk and Nuwakot. Read More

Vision and Mission

Our sole mission will be to help children from underprivileged families to have a better future through education and facilitates process that empower orphan children and single women to assume an active and decisive role in solving their own problem by strengthening their life skills, improving their confidence... Read More

Cultural value of Thaili

Thaili (Medium Pouch) is a traditional design handmade which is used for keeping money. It's known as typical Nepali Women Purse from ancient time which has a drawstring so thing stay put. Drawstrings are color coded for secure open and close. Pouch is fully lined. Typical Nepali Women used to store money, coins, jewellery etc. Read More

Our Projects

Back to School

Among several reasons of drop out school some are unavoidable such as 1. A parent dies, 2. Poverty, 3.The importance of girls education is still not being understood, 4. A trouble at home, 5. A child is ill etc. When any...

Educate Girls

The girl child in Nepal is often deprived from her right of an education. The number of girls dropping out of school far exceeds the boys because girls are expected to help at home, either with household work like...

Empowerment for Single Women

Thaili offers an opportunity to work with women and developing empowerment within them. We provide a systematic approach to uplift women within Nepalese society that helps secure a brighter future for...

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